Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walking Tips

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walking and Amstaff or Pitbull Walking Tips

Staffordshire Bull Terrier walking is a daily activity of any dog handler that brings us a lot of positive emotions, health and energy. This is true in the case if you know simple tips of English Staffy walking and if you care of your dog behavior. This daily routine may cause a lot of tiny problems that can make a dog walking 'a daily suffering' for both the dog and the handler. How to make Staffy walking calm, pleasant, to make a dog follow you, but not a dog to lead you? Sometimes we  see dogs that pull a handler on a leash as if they walk us, especially is your dog is a representative of a strong dog breed like Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Amstaff etc.

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We want to show you how to communicate with your Staffy in a calm and relaxed way at home and a daily dog walking.

Dog walking tip #1: Calming signals.
Communicating with your Staffordshire Bull Terrier, you should remember, that that dogs react very sharp to the handlers condition and mood. If a handler is tense, a dog becomes tense as well. It is reflected in a dog behavior and readiness to obey the Staffy handler.

So, communicating to your dog you should relax muscles and tune yourself to a friendly mood. You are dealing with your friend, who appreciates you a lot. A dog is not intended to eat you up, betray or revenge you. Forget also fairy-tales about dog aggression and tendency to dominate. Dog behavior is literally in you hands! You and your Staffordshire Bully are going to a daily dog walking as best friends, as a family.

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