Protection Work for Pit Bull

If you do protection work right, it turns out to be the most challenging and sophisticated training of all. Most of pit bulls successfully pass obedience, tracking or agility training courses, but not all pit bulls can be trained for effective protection work. You can often hear people say: "My pit bull wasn't taught protection work, but if someone threatens me, he is going to protect me". In 99 per cent of cases this opinion is false. Actually most of pit bulls avoid the fight and run away leaving the master behind.

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The reason why is the pit bull's temperament. Briefly speaking the attack and snatch skills are connected with the pit bull's ability to deal with stress. Good protection dog must be trained from its early days to act the right way when attacked. It realizes that it cannot solve the problem by running away.

To be successful in protection training, the pit bull owner has to know the motivations that influences the dog's behavior. These are:
  • Prey instinct
  • Protection reflex
  • Fight reflex
  • Deviation
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 If you'd like to learn the right tactics of protection training, your work must be derived from understanding of these motivations and the way they are interconnected. If the trainer does not understand the motivation of the dog for 100 per cent, he can't start working, because he'll never achieve anything.

If dog training is new to you, you will have to study the pit bull motivation well or address a more experienced trainer. Every time you watch a pit bull performing protection work, you have to consider what is its motivation to do so. When you watch an experienced trainer work with a dog, ask yourself which motivation he uses to achieve his goal and why.

You have to tell pit bulls who inherited protection instincts from those who did not and subsequently cannot be taught protection work.

Important note: pit bulls inherit protection skills. It is a genetic factor, not a matter of training or a breed feature. In other words, if a pit bull does not have the gens for protection work, you can never replace them. The fact alone your dog is a pit bull does not mean it can be trained for protection work. It's quite the same as every horse must become a racing star.

So let's define the motivation that drives pit bulls for protection work, then proceed to dog training stages.

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