Dangerous Dogs. Britain's Experience

 Britain is the country where bloody entertainment (bull and dog fights) emerged. It was as well the first country to prohibit animal fights and later introduced restrictions for some dog breeds.

 Richard Martin was the first one to speak about the animals' rights and their protection from human violence. He also founded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  - RSPCA in 1824. In 1925 Britain passed Performing Animals (Regulation) Act prohibiting harsh treatment of animals. In 1951 The Pet Animals Act was passed, which applied precisely to dogs and their situation in pet shops. In 1973 The Breeding of Dogs Act initiated dog breeders licensing. In 1991 a new dog breeding act appears. It applies to issues not touched upon by the Act of 1973, as well as Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, where breeds declared dangerous in Great Britain were listed.

 The Act was passed in 1991 and amended in 1997. According to its terms and conditions owning a "dangerous" dog without a court decision is illegal. These dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash when in public places, they must be registered, have an insurance, be sterilized and have chips. The Dangerous Dogs Act bans breeding, selling and exchange of the said dogs.

To be continued...