Dog Calming Signals: Bending and Jumping

Why a Dog is Jumping and Bending from Side to Side?

Bends may be expressed as a signal that invites to play or as a dog calming signal. if a dog is jumping from one side to another in a playful manner, these bends are interpreted as invitation to play. If a dog is fading while making a bend, there is a great possibility that it shows a calming signal.

A dog may use this signal when it wants to make friends with another dog, that is worried or irritated because of its presence. A dog may use this signal while meeting another animal, that makes it feel confused, i.e a horse or a cow.

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You can imitate this calming signal yourself. For this you have to stretch your hands forward as you do when you are yawning. But your moves should be directed to the ground, not forward.


Two dogs meet each other for the first time. One dog wants to make friends and bends with stretching its front paws forward to show its friendly intentions.

A little dog is afraid of large dogs. Each time it sees a large dog passing by, it is fading in a bend. In their turn, large dogs move slower (to show friendly intentions) when notice this calming signal of a little dog.

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