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Do you want your dog to look shiny, clean, well-groomed and stylish? Our dog grooming supplies will help you to take care of your Stafford. Our dog grooming supplies are recommended by both professional grooming experts and vets so you can be confident with high quality of our dog grooming brushes and combs for Staffy. Our long-lasting dog grooming supplies will be delivered to you within the shortest possible time. You may read the conditions of international shipping or contact us for details. We always do our best to make shopping easy and convenient for our customers. That's why we offer different ways of payment: PayPal, Visa/Mastercard or even Western Union.
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Staffies’ smooth and short hair that lies close to the body needs no complicated care. You can easily maintain it with our dog grooming supplies. Use dog grooming brushes with firm bristles for dust and dead hair removing few times a week. Metal dog grooming combs will help to get rid of tangles, mats and fleas from the Pitbull`s coat.

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Brushing your Staffy you promote better circulation of blood. Its coat becomes shinier and healthier. We share with you some tips of right brushing your Pitbull or Staffy:

  • Don't wait until your Pitbull is dirty or matted. Otherwise your pet will associate this process with unpleasantness and will hide from you as soon as he see the dog grooming supplies. If you groom the dog regularly it will regard brushing as another form of petting and attention.
  • Brush the dog’s hair against the growth with metal dog grooming combs at first dealing with tangles.
  • Brush your Staffy along the hair growth reaching the skin. In this way you will massage your pet skin that is good for these stocky and muscular breeds.
  • Take care of your Staffy’s hair 2-3 times a week using dog grooming supplies. During the shedding of hair period you should do the grooming every day.
  • Staffies and similar dog breeds require a full professional grooming every 10-12 weeks.

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If you want to prevent excessive hair loss of your beloved Staffy or Pitbull, see your pet healthy and good-looking use only high qualitative dog grooming supplies.

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