How Does Young Staffy Show Respect to Elders

What should you do if your little Staffy is afraid of other dogs while walking?

Often young Staffordshire Bull Terrier lies on its back, if another dog comes to it. Why does it occur?

It is the rule in canine world that younger should respect older. And a Staffy puppy will never try to show the superiority against the elders. That's why it is good when your young SBT communicates with the older dogs and that they show it its place.

Do not try to interpret canine gestures in a human way. When an older dog presses your young Staffy down to the ground it is just like older people preach youth: give place to elders, do not walk in dark side streets at night, drugs lead to the painful death etc. In this way older dogs show their place to youth.

So do not worry if your young Stafford doesn’t  bark at an older dog and doesn’t attack it. You need only to make sure that another dog is not aggressive. There are dogs that overrate their strength and can hurt your Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy in the process of "teaching".

If you want to make walks with your pet safe and secure, you should take care of special dog walking equipment. A dog muzzle can protect your little Staff Bull, dog harness or dog collar with handle will allow you to take it away if another dog conducts aggressively.


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