How to Wean Staffy From Picking Up From the Ground (Part 1)

How to Train Staffy Not to Pick Up/Eat From the Ground

Picking up from the ground is a natural problem of almost all Staffy owners. That`s why one can find in this article how to wean a dog from picking up from the ground in simple way.

First of all it should be mentioned that this habit is put by the nature, but nevertheless the habit is dangerous to health of your favourite so you have to go against the nature. What will you need to wean your Staffy from picking up from the ground? First, you should know how to punish a puppy or a dog. Second, you should follow some rules, which will help you to wean Staffy from picking up garbage and all sorts of nasty things from the ground.

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If you have Staffy puppy, remember that you can`t punish it for up to three months that`s why training your puppy the dog command "Give" or taking away the "game" by yourself will be the best variant.

When Staffy is at home. When you are at home with your Staffy, don`t allow it to eat from the floor. It`s not important whether it is a slice of sausage, which fell from a table by chance or you wanted to treat the dog and the delicacy was on the floor in some way, you should forbid Staffy to eat from the floor at sight. Use a dog command "Leave It" to forbid Staffy to eat from the ground. The command "Leave It" should be strict and go with a slap on the bum. Train your Staffy to its dog plate.

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To be continued...