Amstaff and Pitbull Are Not for Everybody

About American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull Terrier Breeds

Is it safe to adopt a fighting dog? How the dog behaves itself at home? If everybody can handle such a dog? Where is the truth between those, who call these dogs killers and those, who tell these dog breeds are the best for a person. Media has been named American Staffordshire Terriers and Pitbull Terriers "fighting dogs" for several years. Having pinned this label on them, they have no idea that dog fighting breeds don't exist in any classifier. Remember – no expert would call the breed as "fighting" knowing well that there may be purely kind and tender dogs as well as excessively aggressive and combative dogs in the same dog breed, which is not used for fights.

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Let's Go back to the Pitbull/Amstaff Label Roots

Why do people, having heard the word "fighting dog", imagine a monster with five-centimeter teeth which rushes on everything that moves and, which is needed to be touched with a ten foot pole at once? The reason for this is excessive attention of media to these breeds, unwillingness to notice the cases when people were attacked by quite another dog breeds including such small dogs as a Dachshund or a Toy Terrier. You won't gain in the ranking by the facts of a scar from the bite of the Dachshund (the dog broke skin of a finger! So what?). However the dog mauled to death - such a heading will puff up a website traffic and a rating!

Mighty sinews, massive jaws, menacing look, broad chest – these are what strikes to the eye before everything else when you look at American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull Terrier. Short-sighted people speak at once "the Killer!", and owners of these dog breeds call them the best friends and the partners.

(Note. We live aside dog haters, dog hanters and other people of similar way of thinking at once – they can hate both cats, and hamsters, and pigeons with equal probability, their hate is based on different factors (psychological lameness or child fear of bite – this is not essential).

However few of everymen know and understand that American Staffordshire Terrier was never intended for fights. When these dogs was bred the emphasis had been put on sole orientation, adoration and love of a person, on a heroic exterior (appearance), on tolerance to other animals. Fighting qualities and aggression, pugnacity and drive "to gobble up everything" were never the purpose of Amstaff and Pitbull breeding and were carefully eliminated by the breeders.

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Moreover, a direct ancestor of this dog breed – Pitbull Terrier – being wasted upon FCI, the largest international cynological federation, wasn't also oriented toward aggression to people, and was bred for fights with dogs only. After all during dog fights the owner of a "rival" has the right (and in 99.9% realizes it) to feel "the enemy fighter" for a forbidden "surprises". And the slightest aggression to the person, which feels the dog was leading to disqualification and automatic defeat in this case, which would hardly please the owner of an aggressive Amstaff or Pitbull.

Therefore professional American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull Terrier owners and breedres speak in the same breath: "We have the best dog breeds, Amstaff and Pitbull are superdogs!" Of course, after all they train their dogs the like they should be and get as a result smooth-tempered and faithful pet.

However everymen, having heard this phrase, believing it and hurrying to adopt the same four-legged friend, often dealing with just the opposite situation – the dog who behaves itself perfectly in somebody's hands, becomes uncontrollable at their home. And these people say there and then that they were deceived.

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Where Is the Truth After All?

And the truth is that Amstaff and Pitbull are not for everyone! Amstaff and Pitbull are not dog breeds, they are the way of life of the person. Amstaffs and Pitbulls, having an amazing strength for their small size, which allows them to pull the car, energy that will be enough to tucker out all the family in play, massive jaws to bite through a heavy stick as well as somebody's arm with equal probability, an unusual spring ability – these dogs will obey only to the person with a strong will, physical endurance, attentiveness, concentration, responsibility, love of a dog as of the living being. It's even not worth trying to adopt such a dog without having these qualities – the result may be either a dishoused and then dead Amstaff or Pitbull, or direct threat to not only people around, but also to the family members.

That's why there is a saying among Amstaff and Pitbull owners: "Ill-bred "fighter" is welcome when it's gone!" Fellow breeders are ready even to fight against weak-willed, dishonourable and irresponsible Pitbull and Amstaff owners for breed discredit, for turing nice dogs into uncontrollable monsters. By the way, the irresponsible dog handling is harmful not only according to standards of ethics and morality, but also is illegal.

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That's Why Amstaff and Pitbull Owners:

  • have no bad habits (alcoholism, the drug habit, chronic laziness and wooden-headedness)
  • understand the difference between steeliness and cruelty
  • don't afraid of dogs, but are always attentive and careful to every dog
  • are interested in dog training as well as good parents take care of upbringing and nutrition of their child
  • never and for a moment leave the dog, the same as honest parents don't leave their children
  • understand that dog training, its behavior, its attitude towards people, children, animals is their responsibility fully and absolutely
  • are able to stay cool and show will without falling into hysterics or fear
  • keep the dog in favorable conditions – in the apartment or in the separate house in the orderly and clean private room. As an exception - heat insulated open-air cage (that is less desirable, and only in situations when the dog is anxious).
  • always find time for dog training and walking. Words "there is no time", "I am late", "laziness" need to be excluded for all Pitbull's or Amstaff's lifetime.

In simple terms, American Staffordshire Terrier or Pitbull Terrier owner is a decent and responsible person with an backbone, strict, but not cruel, loving, but not weak-minded. Only possessing these qualities, the person has the right to get Amstaff or Pitbull.

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