Best Choke Collar for Pitbulls

Choose Choke Collar for Pitbull

Choke collars are used for Pitbull behavior correction. These tools are not to start obedience training. Don't use such a collar to make Pitbull behavior training easier. A choker is helpful and useful to correct behavioral issues only. They are: pulling on the leash, jumping and attacking people and animals while outings, disobedience. Chokers are also used for Pitbull rings because they don't distract attention from dog's exterior.

Best Choke Collar for PitbullsHow do choke collars work? A collar is a loop with 2 rings at the ends. It is put on over Pitbull's head. One ring is loose to slide and tighten the choker around the pet's neck when it disobeys. The other ring is fixed and serves for lead connection. The collar is tightened only if Pitbull pulls on the leash. The collar is loosen when the pet steps backwards. Choke collar may also act as a usual walking attribute if to attach the lead to the loose ring.

Choke collars for Pitbulls are produced of various materials. Natural leather and metal alloys are considered the best ones.

Leather choke collar is pleasant to wear for Pitbull and sightly for its owner. Leather choker is perfect for short-haired Pitbull and alike breeds. Leather keeps constant temperature regardless a season. It won't damage the coat and won't discomfort the dog.

Leather strap is smoothed, well worked-out and polished on the edges. The material contains no harmful components and is ideal for Pitbull with sensitive skin. Leather collar won't provoke rubbing or irritations. The collar is quiet in action and light-weighted.

Choke Collar for PitbullGenuine leather is durable and wearproof. It is carefully stitched and will serve Pitbull for several years. Take care of the collar with special leather balsam to renew and to extend its service life.

Metal choke collar will look like a noble adornment on Pitbull's neck because of its glossy look. That is why chains are widely used for dog shows. The collar is a fur saver to keep the pet's hair in excellent condition. All the links are welded, highly-polished and a chain is safe for Pitbull.

The collar is made of steel and plated with chrome to be rustless and solid. The coating is even and shiny. The chain is high-tensile and will resist pulling power of strong Pitbull. The chain slides easily, works accurately and reliably.

The chain is suited for medium and large dogs. This is a high-quality and stylish tool for safe and effective Pitbull corrective training.

Chokers are not harmful at proper use. They imitate natural upbringing when the mother dog controls her puppies. Follow the rules of choke collar usage and it won't hurt your Pitbull:

Choke Collar Pitbull TrainingIt is forbidden to train Pitbull puppy under 6 months with the choke collar to avoid neck and trachea traumatizing.

Choker is pulled over the dog's head. Its size should be larger Pitbull's head circumference in the widest part below ears and a jaw line. Optimal collar length is the dog's head girth plus 2-3 inches.

Suitable collar won't choke and will be safe for the dog.

Choke collar is not intended for daily walks.

You mustn't jerk the choker during training. You have to show Pitbull that it is you who change the direction of moving. Hold the leash closer to the collar, walk with measured steps than change the way abruptly. Thus the lead is tensed and Pitbull is uncomfortable. Then you loose the leash and praise the dog with treat, stroking or in words.

Don't leave Pitbull alone with the collar on.

Consult a trainer before getting the choker and use it on the advice of a professional and if required under his supervision.

Whichever choker you choose, you get an effective and reliable tool to correct Pitbull behavior and to take part in shows.

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