How to Train Amstaff to Run the Dog Commands (Part 1)

Training Your Amstaff to Run the Dog Commands

Command "Bark"

Dog trainer should keep Amstaff on a short dog lead, put the dog sit in front of himself and step on the lead so that the furry friend had no opportunity to jump up when training it to bark on the command. Then it`s necessary to show Amstaff a delicacy, allow to sniff at it and say command "Bark! ". After Amstaff has given a voice, dog trainer can give it the delicacy and encourage with a stroking. In the process of this dog skill development dog trainer can stop giving the delicacy to American Stafford. 

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Command "Forward!"

When Amstaff is trained to move forward on the command and a motion, it`s necessary to keep the dog on the short leash. Dog trainer should show the trainee the delicacy, throw it in 5-6 steps forward, say the command "Forward! ", point by a hand the direction and loose the dog lead when Amstaff will run for the delicacy. When American Staffy will run the command it can be encouraged with the stroking and the exclamation "Good! ".

Command "Jump!"

When Amstaff is trained to jump over barriers, it`s necessary to keep it on the short dog leash in 5-6 m from a fence 50 cm high. Dog trainer should give the four-legged athlete the command "Heel! ", jump over the barrier obstacle attracting the dog. Having crossed an obstacle, it is necessary to say the command "Jump! " and encourage your pet with the stroking, the delicacy and the exclamation "Good!". In the process of dog skills development the height of barriers can be increased. When American Stafford jumps over the barrier dog trainer should run around them. If the height of the barrier exceeds 1 m, dog trainer should stand at the fence and receive Amstaff when he would jump in such a way so that the dog caught the edge of the barrier by its forepaws and jumped over it.

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When Amstaff is trained to jump over the barriers the extra long dog leads can be used. Dog trainer should put American Staffy in 3 m from the fence, give the command "Sit! ", cross over to the opposite to side and standing in 2 m from the barrier opposite to the dog to pull on the dog lead having given the command "Come! ". When your dog jumps it`s necessary to give the command "Jump!".

When Amstaff has run the command it should be encouraged with the stroking or the delicacy. In the process of training Amstaff to jump over the barrier dog trainers often use dog fetch toys. For this purpose it`s necessary to put Amstaff in 3 m from a fence 50 cm high, show the tracking article, throw it over the barrier and give the command "Jump! ". When the dog has run the command it`s necessary to say command "Give", take away the fetch toy and encourage Amstaff with a stroking or a delicacy.

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