Braided Pull Tab Lead - 3/4 Inch (19 mm) Wide

I received the lead today, it suits for school perfectly, leather is very durable and the size is exactly what I looked for.
I got compliments concerning equipment, leather and high quality, and excellent processing and stylish and beautiful hardware at school.
Nobody has such K9 equipment at school! Besides, click lock buckle on the harness differs from others, it is practical and allows to take off
and put on the harness immediately! I was asked in which store I had bought it, and, of course, I told them about your site!
I will take some photos from school as soon as possible, when we attend it in the afternnon, now we go there in the evening and thw shots
will be not very good by lamplight.
I will surely keep you in mind, f I need something else and will recommend you to other students of our school!
Best regards

Valentina, Padova, Italia, 11/05/2016
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