Anti-Barking Dog Muzzle for Bull Terrier, Thick and Soft Leather

Dear Team, the muzzle has arrived. Everything ended well at customs. The muzzle fits and lays very well. Circumference in the area fits, the smaller size wouldn't be appropriate. In any case there is a saddler nearby, who can widen the muzzle a bit by stretching leather. Thickness, or more to the point, durability is not a hindrance for him. But we don't see a necessity to do this at this moment. Now we are not training, we are accustoming our dog to wear a muzzle. Until he gets used to wear it when we need it, we are going to move to the countryside for a couple of days or weeks. By the way, the muzzle is processed very well. Leather is thick and strong. Quick release buckle is just super! Keep up the good work and huge greetings to Israel! Warm regards

Lars, Rosrath, Germany, 11/17/2016
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