Bestseller! ID Dog Training Harness for Staffordshire

I want to tell about my experience with the sport dog harness. Everything was excellent with shipping, even despite it lasted almost 14 days. I thought for a long time before this whether I should order this harness, as it is impossible to try it on and I was concerned about its size. The belt around chest is a bit big, as my dog a little slim (Cocker Spaniel of almost 12 kg). But when she pulls, and she likes doing this, it doesn't rub and it is enough space. Well, the harness fits great. I like that the back ring is not fixed, so the lead can hang beside and the harness doesn't slip off. I use the front ring in general while cycling and it is a bit silly that it is a bit far.
But in general I am pleased and I will order further.
Best regards, Gaby

Gaby, Westermoor, Germany, 11/01/2016
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