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Staffie Harness

Unique collection of Staffie harnesses for any taste and wallet:

  • All the harnesses are designed with recommendations of professional dog trainers and vets.
  • Stafford harnesses give you complete control over the dog during walking, obedience training, attack and protection work, weight pulling and sport. We also offer warming Stafford harnesses and rehabilitation Staffordshire Bull Terrier harnesses.
  • Choose EMS-Express shipping (3-6 business days) or Registered shipping (6-12 business days). If something is wrong with your purchase or you have questions, tell us and we will find the way to fix a problem. We are open for dialog. See shipping and returns page for details.
  • We have special discounts and proposals for our loyal, wholesale customers and resellers. You will get the most suitable harness, which is chosen according to your Staffy sizes. Bulk customers can test our products after order payment.

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Staffordshire Terrier, English Staffy and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier have become the most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom. They are perfect companions and family dogs. Staffy is a very strong, sturdy build and active dog. Many of them take part in various championships, dog competitions and also are trained for police, K9 and service work. Staffy needs specific dog equipment of high durability and everlasting quality to make dog training effective and successful.

Strong Leather Dog Harness

Staffy Harness for Your Dog's Comfort

Our company produces such purpose-designed dog training gear as Staffordshire harnesses. You can view and choose the best Staffordshire Bull Terrier harness. We can offer you Amstaff leather harnesses, nylon harnesses, padded harnesses for walking, training, tracking, pulling, agitation/protection, dog competitions/championships and other activities of your pet.

Leather dog harness for Staffies are padded and made of high-grade genuine leather. Nylon harnesses are produced of a heavy-duty water-resistant material. You can walk or train your Stafford in any weather! All metal details are durable, rustproof and absolutely safe for Stafford's health. When you see silver colored metal fittings on Staffie harnesses - they are made of nickel-plated steel or stainless steel. Golden spikes, studs and metal buckles are made of brass. Want to get a superior harness with excellent hardware that will please your Staffy and you for many years? You are welcome at our online Pitbull store!

Watch Our Video Instruction How to Measure Staffy Harness Size

You can also find in our pet supermarket best dog harness for pulling and tracking. Some Staffordshire Bull Terrier harnesses are perfect for mantrailing and cani cross. We can give you qualified recommendation for types of dog harnesses and for any Staffie harness you need for various purposes.

How to Buy Dog Harness?

1. Take your dog's measurements guided by the sizing picture, which is in every product page.

2. Fill all the sizes in the attributes at the top of the page. You can also leave comments to your order.

3. Contact us if you have any questions and our Customer Support Service will always help you with pleasure.

Choose a premium-quality Staffy harness!

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