Staffy's Body Language - Ears

Staffy’s Ears

Dogs’ ears can be of different types. Shape and size of dog’s ears influence how well it uses them for communication.

Some dog owners have their Staffies’ ears cropped to get more desirable look of the breed. But animal protection organisations don’t recommend cropping, calling owners for leaving dog’s ears how they were made by nature. In most cases ear cropping is only a cosmetic surgery, it is not had to be done, but it brings unnecessary pain and discomfort to your pet.

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Ear Cropping Is not Necessary

When you Staffordshire Bull Terrier feels calm and comfortable, its ears will be in usual condition. When it barks to something, its ears take a “battle position”, going up on the head. The dog will direct them towards the object of its interest. When Staffy feels aggressive its ears go up and forward. If the ears of your dog are put back a bit, it signalises about its friendly intentions. If the Stafford’s ears are pressed to its head or directed each to each side, it means your pet shows its obedience.

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Dog's Ears Can Tell You a lot about K9 Behaviour

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