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Amstaff Harness

Amstaff harness is an indispensable helper for a safe Amstaff walking and effective training! In producing Amstaff dog harnesses we use only high qualitative leather and nylon, reliable and long-lasting accessories and felt pads on the chest plate and neck straps to provide maximum comfort for your beloved American Staffy. Every Amstaff harness is made considering stocky and muscular body build of such breeds as Stafford, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull and others. For better control over your Amstaffie you can choose additional option of comfortable handle. If you want any other ideas or wishes, if you have some questions or need advice, feel free to write us. We will be pleased to create a unique American Staffordshire Terrier harness completely fitting your purposes and expectations. Learn how to measure your Stafford for the correct harness size.
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American Staffordshire Terrier, called Amstaff is a strong dog breed with a good shape and well-developed guard instincts. Amstaff is a family dog, faithful friend brave defender and perfect companion. Besides, you can also take part in different competitions, championships and dog shows with your Amstaff. But first, you need to teach and train your dog obedience, various commands and skills to bring up a well-mannered and socialized Stafford, which won`t give you and the others any troubles.

See How to Measure Your Amstaff for a Harness

Professional dog trainers recomend to use a Amstaff harness for walking and training such a strong dogs because it`s more convenient for a dog handler to control the dog`s behaviour and more comfortable for the dog to do it`s daily activities with a dog harness. Moreover, Amstaff harness is absolutely safe for dog health even when its pulling, as dog harness is built in such a way, that the tension is not on the dog`s neck, but on the whole body. And, of course, you get a reliable control of your dog and can correct its behaviour with Staffordshire harness. All that you need is to choose a suitable Amstaff harness among the best ones, which you can see only in our pet supermarket.

If you need an everyday walking dog harness, then you`re welcome to our dog shop UK, where you can find nylon dog harness, leather dog harness and padded dog harness for comfort and safe walk with your Amstaff. Looking for a Staffordshire harness for special dog activities like tracking, pulling, training and education? It`s not a problem! Choose dog training harness, tracking harness, pulling dog harness, agitation/protection dog harness and enjoy a successful Amstaff training!

We use only the best materials: high quality leather and nylon to produce our Staffordshire harnesses. All models are made individually according to the size of your Staffy to make sure it is comfortable and doesn't hinder your pet in any way.

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See also a useful tips about Amstaff training.

Contact us for questions concerning Amstaff harnesses if any!

Some Amstaff Harnesses Reviews:


1. Agitation/protection dog harness H1

I just received my leather harness today and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the harness it is the finest peice of work I have seen in a long time when it comes to harness for dog this is the best quality and wonderful craftmenship. Thank you so much for the wonderful product and I will diffently will buy friom your wed site again.

From: Bobbi, USA


2. Dog pulling harness H5

Dear Guy, I ordered 1 of your harnesses about a month ago. It is awesome!!! I have received lot's of compliments on it including my Vet who said it was the most well made harness he has ever seen. Thank you very much for such a quality & attractive product :)

From: Jeffrey, USA, Florida