Dog Muzzle of Leather & Nylon for Pitbull Training and Walking

Hello, after I had got the parcel (which was in sending) unfortunately with delay, I would like to write shortly about it. Namely what I was asked about and I am doing this with pleasure.
So, there are some disadvantages and positive moments. Why I still estimate this with 5 stars I will describe respectively below.
The muzzle makes a reliable, qualitative and powerful impression! The material is at height and it is difficult to crack it (I still hope that it so. My dog is a little stubborn and strives to destroy it)! It is heavier than usual muzzles! Processing is also free of defects!
As I have sport Red Nose Pitbull as usual in Germany (they are more Pitbull-like in the USA - stronger and have the other behavior etc). Unfortunately there is a lot of spare space in the muzzle and it is a bit large. There is also a big hole at the bottom of the muzzle, which one can't see in the photos though it is specified as "closed muzzle"! I would prefer it to be one-piece. Now I need to pay money again to close up this hole and this is not quite pleasant. This is about negative sides.
It is the hole at the bottom, which is not visible in the pictures as it was mentioned earlier. Nose area is made of nylon. It will become thinner sooner or later because the dog snouts the ground regularly. Nylon is not the best non-rubbing material.
It would also be good the seams to be glued or something similar in spite of their fine stitching everywhere. Because if the dog tries to take the muzzle off, they will probably be damaged. Therefore I hope that it won't fall apart at once. That's all.
Despite all disadvantages and weaknesses, I am happy and I give 5 stars though I should take 1-2 stars away. But as the muzzle is strong and qualitative, I am happy and kept it the way it is. In view of this I can only tell: the first-class product which will break not at once.

Dan-Yorick, Berlin, Germany, 05/17/2018
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