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Pitbull Muzzle UK Leather

Does your Pitbull need a muzzle? ForDogTrainers offers:

  • The best leather muzzles for all Pitbull breeds: red nose and blue nose Pitbull and also for other molosses like Staffordshire Bull Terrier (English Staffy), American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) and English Bull Terrier.
  • We offer premium-quality muzzles of full grain natural leather, which fit ideally to make your dog feel natural while muzzled.
  • Choose Urgent shipping (3-6 business days) to get your purchase less than in a week or Registered shipping (6-12 business days). If you see that size of the muzzle is not perfect, you can return or exchange the product. Please, contact us if you have some questions or need advice. If it will be your Pitbull's first muzzle, read our article how one can train a Pit Bull to put a muzzle on.
  • There are special discounts and proposals for our loyal customers. You will get the product, which is chosen according to your Pitbull sizes and needs.

5 of 5 Stars!Hello, just inform you that I got the muzzles. They are great for my two Bull Terriers, which fight even with these muzzles on. I can afford them safe walking together without fear they will hurt each other. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Michael, Australia
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NEW ARRIVALS - Pitbull Muzzle UK Leather

Our company produces and sells the huge variety of muzzles, among them are leather muzzles. One should single out such class of Pitbull leather muzzles as police style muzzles or muzzles for police work that are used mainly in the circles of professionals by Pitbull trainers. Pitbull leather muzzles are universal muzzles for everyday pet’s life. It is not recommended to drink in a leather muzzle or to have any contact with water. In this case the muzzle may be easily spoiled, because of the natural leather the muzzle is made of. Please, take note that we recommend to cover leather dog muzzles with our leather care balsam to increase its service time and maintain its initial look.

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Anti-barking Dog Muzzle

Soft Padded Dog Muzzle for Pitbull

All leather Pitbull muzzles are designed according to the Pitbull's muzzle and head structure. Check out our leather muzzles for your dog. Just use our dog muzzles when training or walking your pet in public! Key features of our Pitbull muzzles: adjusted leather neck strap; upper nose part of fully grain leather for padding attachment; soft padding on the upper nose area in each of Pitbull muzzles.

See Our Video Instruction How to Measure Your Pitbull for a Muzzle



Owing to the great design leather dog muzzles provide your Pitbull with the best ventilation available among similar items. Our dog muzzles are very comfortable for your Staffy and is also very practical for use in training, travelling, patrolling, guarding and vet visiting. These dog muzzles are also used by professional dog trainers and Stafford handlers as they`re non-toxic and safe.



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Pitbull Muzzle for Sale

Safe and Beautiful Dog Muzzle

The main benefits of our dog muzzles are: inhibition of biting, chewing, picking up from the ground, they also allows your pet to pant and to drink. Our Pitbull muzzles are padded on nose area with soft felt for maximum comfort and in order to prevent irritations and/or rubbing. It is very important for Pitbulls and other similar dog breeds to get used to the dog muzzle. Our professionals developed a scheme for every snout form so that by having unique measurements one can make the most suitable leather muzzle for your dog.

Some Reviews from Our Customers:


1. Leather super ventilation muzzle M41

Just a quick email to tell you how delighted we are with the muzzles, the dogs sit quietly to have them put on and the transformation in their behaviour and body language has been amazing, they fit perfectly, don't inhibit them at all and they can pretty much function as normal, without the worry of a fight breaking out!
Thanks again - great product.

From: Tracey Holden, UK


2. Leather dog muzzle studded M62

Recieved my item super quick all the way over in Ireland, really impressed with the service and item quality definitely will order again and again and loving the new catalogue.

Thanks again.

From: Eamonn, Ireland