10 Advice for Bull Terrier Owners

10 Advice for Growing Up & Upbringing Your Bull Terrier ?

1. If you want to get a Bull Terrier, then you should have a firsthand knowledge whether you are the very person who can afford to keep the Bull Terrier. Don`t overleap yourself as young, cheerful and full of life Bull Terrier can become a problem for you. Your desire should not come from sudden mood or a whim or from thought "because others keep Bull Terriers". Learn in details about the temper and external features of breed. Whether you want the Bull Terrier for yourself or dream to breed these dogs. Your final decision should come from your love of this breed only.

2. Ask the Bull Terrier breeders how they take care of their dogs, it is very important. Getting of every new animal brings a lot of pleasure, but a lot of duties also. Getting of the Bull Terrier should be equated with adoption.

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3. Bull Terrier breeding begins with dog healthy feeding, puppies and young dogs breeding. You should follow these rules steadily and sequentially as a newcomer Bull Terrier breeder. Meals by hours and physical activities are the basic premises of a successful Bull Terrier breeding. It is embarrassing to look at the Bull Terrier in a cage. An eye of a Bull Terrier who is compelled to spend the days "behind bars", cannot be forgotten. Bull Terrier`s eyes, which has to spend the rest of his life behind bars are really sinks into your imagination.

4. Bring up your dog with measured and friendly tone. If you have an uneven temper yourself, don`t expect success from your Bull Terrier. No more than two censures have to fall at ten praises. The Bull Terrier tries to spread himself and to make everything correctly. Teach him to discern "right" and "wrong".

5. If you have a good as by the nature so as by exterior Bull Terrier, don`t let the pride to overpower you, don`t demand more, than your dog can give. Don`t make a slave out of him, let him be your friend. There is nothing like to have an aged wise Bull Terrier who has an opportunity to improve character features. He knows each nuance of your voice and each your movement.

6. The Bull Terrier can bring you a lot of joy, but if he mismatch the owner and people around, he can bring a lot of grief. The Bull Terrier can do good for many people if to bring up him correctly. The Bull Terrier wants to do something and not only to exist, being degraded as a fed "dog for game". Teach the Bull Terrier to understand you, without connecting its initiative and without hedging him about with restrictions and infringing his character features.

7. Bright wool is a sign of healthy nutrition and good grooming of the Bull Terrier. He don`t need neither warm water nor soap. You have to brush his dry wool every day. It is the best and correct grooming. Protect the dog from drafts and cold.

8. Learn to understand the "language" of the Bull Terrier. Time yourself to watch your dog. You will see soon that the dog has a great deal to "tell" you.

9. Take your Bull Terrier along when go on holiday as far as possible. Then you`ll have a plenty of time to come in close contact with your dog and to take the long walks. It`s effective as for you so as for the dog. Otherwise you should take care of a good place for the Bull Terrier timely.

10. Never disappoint your Bull Terrier. His trust to you will be boundless. You have to praise him and punish or blame him less often. Learn to possess yourself as communication with animals demands time and patience. Later you will fully realize that you`ve found the devoted friend for the rest of life.

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