How to Stop Puppy Biting?

My Staffy Puppy Bites All The Time - What To Do?

All Staffy puppies likes to bite and chew not only dog toys or things, but also the hands of their owners. And it`s very important to bring in measures in time to prevent overgrowing this fun into a habit. After all, if Staffy will be used to bite at the first opportunity, he can hardly get rid of this habit when reaches adulthood.

Therefore, you should know how to wean your Staffy puppy away from biting before you bring him at your home to avoid him damage your things and bite yourself.

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To begin with, you should remember, that biting is a natural way for Staffy puppy to get acquainted with the environment. That`s why it`s obedient to scold or strong-arm your Staffy by no means.

Most often Staffy puppies begin to bite everything and the hands of the owner also during puppy games when exfoliation time comes. It`s natural process. Staffy can also use his teeth when plays with other dogs and communicates with people.

You should wean your Staffy from this bad habit since his early puppyhood. Of course, it`s very funny to watch your Staffy puppy growling and biting legs or hands of the owner, but it won`t be funny when grown-up Staffy behaves in such a way.

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That`s why it`s very important to know how to stop puppy biting?

Keep in Mind

First, you can teach your Staffy puppy by pitching voice higher - the dogs are very clever animals and they understand even the slight intonation change, therefore, if the owner says strictly "You must not!" the game should be over. You should give your Staffy this command only when he starts using his teeth during the game.

If Staffy puppy got absorbed with playing and is without responding to your command, slap the dog a little with a newspaper (the newspaper should be prearranged).

Don`t worry, your Staffy puppy won`t feel any pain from the slight slap, but the harsh sound will be unpleasant.

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If Staffy puppy is always bites, it`s very important to take care of all the family members to take part in Staffy training. As soon as the puppy starts understanding the dog command "No", you should praise Staffy and switch its attention to the dog toy.

You can also use another one method when teaching your Staffy - as soon as the puppy bites his owner during the dog game, he should stop the game without a word and leave the room.

Your staffy puppy will understand very soon, that when he starts biting during the dog game his beloved owner stops playing immediately.

Thus, arming yourself with patience and following all these recommendations regularly, you`ll wean your Staffy puppy from this bad habit in rather short term.

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