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The best toys to make your dog training effective and entertaining:

  • We offer eco-friendly, durable and safe for dog teeth toys of natural materials.
  • There are toys for puppies, young and adult dogs training, chewing, mental and physical development.
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Best Sellers - Dog Toys


Staffy dog toys are really necessary items. They distract the puppies and dogs from furniture and household stuff damage, help to develop mentally and physically, prevent boredom and anxiety. Finally, games with your dog provide contact development and formation of the puppy's attachment to you.

Kinds of Staffy Dog Toys

Indestructible dog chew toys. These toys are suitable for Staffy and Pitbull of any age. They are useful for teeth cleaning, proper bite grip building and entertaining your heavy chewer. It is better to choose the toys of quality rubber, latex or vinyl. They are tough, flexible, durable and do not hurt the dog's jaws.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier soft toys are produced of safe and eco-friendly fabrics. Our soft toys serve for bite training and tug games. Each toy is carefully sewed and stuffed with non-toxic filling. A soft dog toy is a perfect tool to prepare for further work with bite tugs and sleeves.

Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Tug toys satisfy natural instincts in tugging and chasing, stimulate mental and physical activity and are ideal for prey and retrieve training. Some of the toys have squeakers. Dog squeaky toys entice Staffy into play and training.

Fetch toys. Dogs love to play fetch. Fetching is a very important skill for service dogs as well. If you train a K9 or a police dog or your Staffy just enjoy fetch games, choose a matching toy. Get different balls, toy bones, bite tugs or dumbbells if the dog is motivated in play. Use treat holders to reward Staffy. Water floating toys are great for dogs, which like swimming.

Please note that dog fetch toys have to fit the size of your pet's mouth. They should not be too large for a puppy (it will not be able to grab them) and too small for a grown-up dog (it can swallow the toy).

Dog treat toys. They are indispensible for positive reinforcement training. Staffy smells and appetizing savor and the toy acts as an encouragement after a command running.

Best Toys for Staffy

Balls of various sizes. You can choose a ball with or without a rope, a squeaky or an unsinkable ball, a ball with a hole for treats a ball for oral care with mint flavor or a magnetic ball. Your choice depends on the dog's taste and needs. The main thing is the ball should be of a proper size according to the age of your Staffy.

Frisbee. It is better to buy a Frisbee disc after final bones and joints formation to avoid dog traumatizing during high jumps. The disc is chosen in compliance with the age and training level of your Staffy. There are light discs for the beginners and standard ones for already trained dogs.

Important: do not use unspecialized plates! They are fragile. Staffy can easily bite such a plate through and hurt itself.

Heavy-duty dog toys. They are excellent for growing puppies and aggressive chewers. These toys are resistant to dog teeth and attractive for Staffy because they are hard to bite through.

Amstaff Catching the Dog Toy

All our dog toys are made of extra firm, solid and eco-friendly materials. They will not hurt your pet's teeth and won't break when Staffy bites a pet dog toy. Be sure these dog toys are non-toxic and safe for your dog's health being made according to the international standards and approved by the best vets UK. You can teach your strong pet such commands as "Find" and "Get'em" with the help of our interactive dog toys. Besides, our chewing dog toys will give Staffy lots of fun and joy.

Amstaff Enjoys Games with Our Flying Disc

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