How to Put on a Dog Harness with Pictures and Video

How to Put on a Dog Harness for Walking

Congratulations! You have just bought a new walking dog harness for your Staffy. But here is a question: how to put on a dog harness. You can easily do it following our recommendations.

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Dog Tracking Harness

Leather Dog Harness Fits American Staffy Ideally

  1. Your pet must be calm. You can hurt your Staffy if it is hyper-active.
  2. Give the “Sit!” command to your pet and stand behind it. You can be in front of it or beside, if your dog stay still.
  3. Undo the side quick release buckle.
  4. Put the upper loop through your dog’s head.
  5. Adjust the shoulder straps according to your dog’s size. In most cases it will be the medium eyelet, if you put on a dog harness purchased at our store. The straps must be parallel.
  6. Put one leg of your Staffordshire into the other loop made with one shoulder strap and belly strap without quick release buckle.
  7. Attach the quick release buckle.
  8. Check if the harness sits on your pet well. If you don’t know how a dog harness should fit, remember one tip. Your two fingers must go between the harness and your pet’s body. If it is too tight or too loose, adjust the belt buckles.
  9. Check all the fittings. They mustn’t get undone when you pull the straps.
  10. Fasten the lead to the back D-ring and go for a walk!

Check Our Video Instruction How to Put on a Dog Harness

This instruction suits any walking dog harnesses with a side quick release buckle. Here are the examples:

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