Bestseller! Wire Dog Muzzle for English Staffy, Basket Design

Hi, I received my muzzle about a week ago now and I just haven't found the time to get round to doing a real review and as I've never reviewed anything in my life it might not be the best but I will be sure to do one as so far I am thrilled with the service and the product I have received from your team.
My Staffy is only a pup (18 months) and she can be a bit boisterous and dominating around other dogs, I'm starting to get her under control and she is getting better every day but I thought I'd get her a muzzle just as an added piece of mind as I know even if she was defending herself a Staffy biting any dog would be demonized at the first opportunity. I'm still training her with the muzzle so as not to scare her with it as I've previously had a fabric muzzle that she's forced off that many times it has completely changed shape. Once I get her 100% comfortable with the muzzle I will be sure to send you a picture of my happy dog and her new 'toy'. Thank you so much for my muzzle and for the good customer service I received in terms of keeping me updated on my order. I hope to bring you more custom over the years so keep up the good work, and again, thank you!

Lewis Hadley, UK, 07/27/2016
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