Dog and Home: How to Save Stuff

Staffy at Home: How to Save Furniture, Shoes & Clothes

It is hard to imagine a companion dog whose moves are restricted in the flat or house nowadays. There are some forbidden places like kids’ room or old granny’s room, but main part of its home is open for your furry pal. Dogs are allowed on the couch, carpet, near the owners while dinner. And every animal leaves “evidences” of its existence: fur, smell, spoiled things. We accept such cones remembering the pros of being with a dog. But we have some tips how to smooth unpleasant issues connected with dogs.

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Dog Sport Harness

Keeping Dog at Home Has Pros and Cons

Soft Furniture Covers

It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your pet, dogs are dogs. Animal’s hair is covered with fat that may not smell on your dog, but begins to smell when is left on the stuff. If your Staffy is allowed on the couch and arm-chair, choose easy-to-maintain materials for the furniture covers. You should have several ones to change and wash them from time to time.

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Tug Dog Toy

Use Covers to Protect Your Furniture

Wooden Parts of Furniture

Bitten legs of the chairs and corners of cabinets are special “feature” of the house where a puppy grows. Biting drive is natural for dogs. So you should provide your young doggy with enough amount of dog toys for biting. Fresh branches, pine bars will suit perfectly. The second advice to wean your dog from biting wood at home is to spray some perfume on them. Unnatural strong smell will not be pleasant for your pet.
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Dog Ball on Rope

It is Better to Bite Toys than Your Chair

Sleepers, Socks, Gloves

If you want to save them, don’t give your old stuff to your pet. It doesn’t always distinguish old from new: it’s yours, it smells yours, it’s allowed to play with. Teach your pet where are its toys.
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Cane Corso Dog Harness

Teach Your Dog Good Manners

The worst way to solve some problems in household is to punish your dog. Educate your dog and try to find a thing to replace its bad habit.