Who Is a Security Dog?

Security dog. Sounds serious and sometimes severe. The common idea of a security dog is rather stereotyped: a hound who wouldn't let anybody approach his master. This means, the dog can seriously attack anyone who comes closer than an allowed distance.

This is what unprofessional canine handlers teach security dogs. During special training sessions, the dogs are taught to never leave their masters behind. They are trained not to be distracted by any external irritants. Besides, they use figurants for dog training, the actual master doesn't perform any actions to manipulate the dog.

One of the most popular exercises for security dog training is "beating out of circle". The exercise teaches the dog to repel multiple attacks on its master, the number of attacks is increased during the training. The security dog must scare away the people attacking its master within a distance of app. 3 - 5 meters, i.e. the length of its leash.

After the dog has understood the distance, it can be trained without any leash at all. Due to this kind of training, the dog can control the distance and allows no one intrude into it.

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