What Is Better Dog Collar or Harness

What Is Safer and Better, a Harness or a Collar?

Unfortunately, it is hard to give a straight answer. Both dog collars and harnesses have their defendants. One dog owners say a harness can deform dog’s ribs and cause excessive load on its chest. The other say a collar hurts dog choking its trachea.

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Bull Terrier HarnessStudded Dog Collar
What to Choose Dog Harness or Collar?

Firstly, we should notice that a properly chosen K9 accessory will not cause problems with your pet’s health. That’s why we advise you to ask our specialists to help if you are not an experienced dog owner. You should measure your dog and order a model to fit your dog’s breed, age, sex, and individual peculiarities. Besides, you should pay attention to your furry friend’s character and habits.

What are dog harnesses good for ?

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Harness for Pitbull
Dog Harness for Hard-pullers

A dog harness is more comfortable for an animal: it feels no choking. A harness is highly recommended for small dog breeds with tender neck structure and for heavy-pullers. But a harness cannot be an only solution for the last ones. If your dog pulls hard and it is your pet, who walks you, not you walk your dog, you should find a good dog trainer and do an obedience course with your four-legged friend.
A harness is also better for sport with your dog: running, jogging, bikejoring.

What are dog collars for?

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Cool Dog Collar with Pyramids and Cones for Pitbulls -
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Dog Collar for Training

A collar is an irreplaceable accessory while educational period, when you teach your dog to walk beside you. This item is better for obedience training because it provides you with better connection with your dog.
Also a collar is chosen by owners of big and vigorous dogs that are harder to control over. It is much easier to distract attention of your powerful pet.
Summing up all this information, you should answer the following questions to find out what is better a dog collar or harness:
  • What do you need an accessory for?
  • What are size, breed, sex of your dog?
  • What temperament does your pet obtain?
And remember, whatever canine accessory you choose, it must be quality. Strong, durable and comfortable dog equipment will guarantee safety of your beloved pet!
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