Staffy's Body Language - Tail

What Staffy's Tail Can Tell You

If your Staffy wags its tail, it means that it shows its friendly attitude. Such a statement is far away from the truth. Dogs wag their tails because of many reasons. Aggressive dog also can wag its tail, but a friendly pet can keep its tail still.
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Dog with Wagging Tail
Watch Your Dog's Tail and Learn Its Behaviour

When your Staffy is relaxed, its tail will be in its natural state. If an animal feels joyful, it will wag its tail carefully from side to side. When your pet is especially happy, for example when it meets you after a long absence, its tail will move very quickly from side to side and it can make wide circular movements.

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Calm Pitbull on a Walk
Natural State of Your Staffy or Pitbull's Tail

If the dog feels nervous or is in obedient state, it will keep its tail down or even put it between hind feet. It can wag it from side to side at this time. When your Staffy feels frightened or it tries to show its submissive state, its tail will be pressed closer to the stomach.

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Obedient Pitbull
Obedient Position of Your Dog's Tail

When your Staffordshire Bull Terrier is alert, it signalises about this with its tail put up. It will stand high and steady like a tube. If the dog stands its ground or shows aggression threatening a human or an animal, it can wag the tip of its tail from side to side. It looks like this is just wagging, but other gestures of its tail signalise that the dog is not friendly at this moment.

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Alert Pitbull
Put Up Tail Is a Sign of Alert

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