Pros and Cons of Security Dog Training

The training course for security dogs contains approximately 10 lessons. One of the most essential pros of this training is that the security dog trained like this guards its master whatever happens and doesn't let strangers approach. Though there are some crucial disadvantages of such training.

10 lessons are not enough to teach the dog to stop attacking after a command of the master. Disadvantageous are the stimuli motivating the dog to attack or to stop attacking.

The security dogs react on strangers approaching the master, even if the stranger doesn't threat the master in any way. The dog stops attacking only after scaring the stranger away to a certain distance, the dog won't react on the master's stopping commands.

Such behaviour of a security dog can have negative consequences like attacking absolutely harmless animals and humans. So the owner always has to put on a muzzle and a leash on the dog. You can walk a security dog only in deserted places, as the dog won't let anyone approach you closer than 3 - 5 meters.

If you'd like your dog to protect you, you may choose an alternative - sport protection training, which fits with big city life better. And please remember that a security dog has to be safe to public and obedient, it must be a reliable guard for its owner in case of a serious danger.

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