Pitbull Gear: Collar, Muzzle and Leash

In order to walk the Pit Bull Terrier, one needs a collar, a leash and a muzzle.


One begins to use a collar after the bones of the pup have got stronger. Before it, until there is a danger to injure the pet’s neck, it is better to put on Pitbull harness while walking.


There are two types of Pitbull collars:


  • The usual buckle collar made of leather, leatherette, special tape or nylon;
  • The pinch collar with metal spikes.

Usual Pitbull collar must not tighten up and throttle the dog. At the same time it must not be too loose in order that the dog does not have any opportunity to throw it down.

Along with the usual collar one uses the choke collar and the choke chain with the purpose of breeding. They are automatically tightened on the dog’s neck just only by pulling the collar.

By decrease of tension the loop also weakens around the neck. Those owners who use choke chain or choke collar should learn to do it right in order not to do harm for the dog.

How to Use a Dog
Choke Chain: а – the chain collar is put on right; b – the chain collar is put on wrong

Pitbull owners will need 2 leashes, a short and a long one. The short pitbull leash (1-1.5m) is fastened to a collar with the help of a snap hook and is intended for the dog to walk near its owner. The long leash (10-12m) is needed for dog’s walking. There is a lock on the one end of the leash and non-tightening loop is on the other end where the dog owner puts his hand.

Nowadays one can buy very comfortable Pitbull leashes which are flex tapes with a spring mechanism in the plastic case. The mechanism allows you to change and fix the length of the leash, which makes it universal.


A Pitbull muzzle is needed for the dog when one has to lead it in the street at a considerable distance. In stressful situations the dog may show its aggression and the muzzle will not allow it to bite strangers.


Pitbull muzzles are made of leather and wire net and they must be adjusted to the size of the dog individually.

The collar and the muzzle must have such size that they won’t hinder the dog, but also won’t allow it to shed them. The walking inventory must be kept in such a place from where the dog won’t be able to get to it: when the Pit Bull needs to go out, he will show it by bringing a collar or a leash. But one should not allow the dog to play with objects and gnaw them.

The equipment for walking, pastime with a dog

Pitbull Equipment for Walking and Training

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Pitbull Metal Collar
Pitbull Training Leash
Leash with a Choke Collar
а – metal collar b – a leash for training
c – a leash with a choke collar
Retractable Dog Leash Nylon with Reflective Strap
- Medium Size Wire dog muzzle Dog ID Tube for Pitbull Collar, Harness or
d – flex leash; e – a muzzle f – ID tag

It is recommended to get a whistle for walks with the dog on large areas (fields, forests). It can be both regular and silent (ultrasonic) whistle. With its help you can easily beckon a dog without straining your vocal cords. The dog hears whistling of the silent whistle, even at fairly large distances and very clearly.