Pitbull Breed History

One usually considers the main qualities of Pitbull Terrier’s character as the endurance and the ability to a struggle. But in spite of the reputation of the dog that is always ready to fight the character of the Pit Bull Terrier is rather balanced and even gentle. The thing is that this breed selection carried out taking into account an outcome of a fight.

All dogs that had shown their mental instability in the course of fights were removed from the selective breeding. Those dogs that lost their self-control as a result of the experienced stress and did not make the difference between a human and a dog were annihilated.

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Pitbull Breeding Was Developing for a Long Time

Thereby the type of the very balanced dog in character had formed for several centuries, from which the least probability to attack a human can be observed than from a dog of any other breed. However if he will be compelled to an attack (by a very serious reason), he is more dangerous than other dogs. The cruelty, with which the pit bull terrier may attack a human, shocks. That is why, all the dogs, which had made the attack without a reason are subject to a mercy killing.

Successful carrying out of a fight and the victory of a small sized dog in it presuppose the presence of not only good physical conditioning, but also of the tactical skill. To learn the strategy and tactics the animal must possess its well developed intelligence.

This quality was also developing for a long time. That is why the Pit Bull Terriers are very intelligent dogs that are well self-supervising. It is very difficult to put them out and to make them attack a human.

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Pit Bull Terrier possesses a rather high threshold of irritability and almost does not allow other dogs to lift him out of balance. Having accidentally met his congeners, a Pit Bull will not answer to their barking and will not bully. He will only slightly exert internally and externally he will be completely indifferent.

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