Choosing the Best Dog Muzzle

Choosing the Best Dog Muzzle

Useful Tips about Choosing the Best Dog Muzzle for Pitbull, Staffy, Amstaff, Bull Terrier

Pitbull muzzle is not invented to torture dogs or to keep them from barking. It may even be frightening to look at when you walk your dog with a muzzle on. Pitbull seems as if it's so dangerous and ferocious that it has to be restricted in such a way. However, what everyone must know, whether you are the owner, trainer or just a mere bystander that these muzzles have a greater purpose. If you are a beginner in making your Pitbulls use a muzzle, you must feel as if your pet will develop a certain level of hate for making it suffer, when in fact, you're not.

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Muzzled Pitbull

Choose Muzzle Wisely

These accessories are built in a way that ensures comfort. It is padded and designed to keep your pet from becoming irritated whenever it's wearing one. Using this tool can actually help you train your Pitbull to behave nicely. For those unaware, a muzzle is basically a tool that assists owners of aggressive Pitbulls when training them. It also helps the Pitbulls socialize with other people. Muzzles also protect Pitbulls from contact with harmful materials, chemicals and infectious waste. It also keeps them from licking wounds which might cause infection that may lead to more serious conditions.

Muzzles comes in variety of designs and are made out of different materials. These are engineered to fit your Pitbull's size, temperament, and needs. Some would need more secured muzzles while others could do with a rather simple one. The most common ones are the wire basket muzzles and leather muzzles, or combination of both materials. Most Pitbull muzzles serve for your pet's basic needs while others offer a trendy look. When looking for quality dog muzzles, you could check out in our Pitbull shop. We offer a wide array of wire and leather basket muzzles as well as other dog training tools and accessories which can be useful for you and your pet.

These are the questions that are most often asked:

?: What is the difference between a wire Pitbull muzzle and a leather Pitbull muzzle?

A wire Pitbull muzzle provides your Pitbull with better air flow and your Pitbull can drink with it on. On the other, hand a leather Pitbull muzzle is a better solution for the cold winter weather, in addition a leather Pitbull muzzle does not reflect sunlight. Some leather Pitbull muzzles are lighter in comparison to wire Pitbull muzzles. In some cases, it is easier to fit a leather Pitbull muzzle because its snout basket part is not fixed.

Leather Dog Muzzle Royal Nappa Padded for Pitbull
Comfort Basket Dog Muzzle, Perfect for Pitbull, Rustproof
Wire, Best!
Leather Pitbull muzzles Wire Pitbull muzzles

?: Is it safe to leave a Pitbull with a muzzle on for the long time?

I suggest that you should not leave your Pitbull unsupervised with a muzzle on. You should always keep your dog visible when a muzzle is on. It is your responsibility and decision if to leave your pet with the muzzle on alone.
All around multi purpose Pitbull muzzle

?: What kind of Pitbull muzzle is the best to take the Pitbull to visit the Vet?

I think that you need to choose a Pitbull muzzle which does not disturb your Pitbull at all or at least doesn’t obstruct your Pitbulls eyes and allows a lot of space inside to pant and breath easily.

Most Pitbull owners use muzzles only to visit the Vet. If you already have a Pitbull muzzle but does not meet all the requirements mentioned yet does the job (used successfully for past Vet visits), then no need to purchase new muzzle.

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Cane Corso Dog Muzzle

Please Consider This Super Air Flow Pitbull Muzzle for Taking Your Pitbull to Vet


?: Can my Pitbull drink and eat with the Pitbull muzzle on?  

Most of the wire Pitbull basket muzzles allow your Pitbull to drink. All you have to do is use a bowl which is deep enough with a high level of water. Your Pitbull will figure it out. Wire Pitbull muzzles also allow you to give treats, which can be very helpful when getting your Pitbull used to wearing a muzzle. Some of the leather Pitbull muzzles also allow your Pitbull to drink but I would not recommend this. The reason is that when a leather muzzle gets wet and dry again and again this will end up compromising the strength of the muzzle and will also most likely result in a bad odor.

Consider this Pitbull muzzle which allows your Pitbull to drink and eat treats

?: Do I need to purchase Pitbull muzzle with steel agitation bar?

You should consider the model with agitation steel bar only for professional Pitbull muzzle training. Police, military, security. There is definitely no need to purchase muzzle with an agitation bar for daily use.
Police training Pitbull muzzle
Military training Pitbull muzzle
Security training Pitbull muzzle
Agitation training Pitbull muzzle
Attack training Pitbull muzzle

?: Do I need to buy Pitbull muzzle which is padded?

Since all our Pitbull muzzles are padded you don't have to think hard about this one. I learned over years that padding is a must feature for preventing irritation for sensitive skin areas, therefore all our muzzles are padded.
Padded leather Pitbull muzzles
Padded wire Pitbull muzzles

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Wire Basket Dog Muzzle 

Every Our Muzzle is Padded

?: What is the best Pitbull muzzle for Pitbull transporting?

Just as with the muzzle for visiting the Vet, I recommend a muzzle which has enough free space for your Pitbull to pant and breath. I think that with transporting, a good muzzle that allows sufficient air flow is very crucial. The main reason is that you must keep your Pitbull muzzled constantly through out the transporting and for some Pitbulls even the idea of being transported creates enough stress.
Leather Pitbull muzzle for transportation
Wire Pitbull muzzle for transportation


?: How do I size my Pitbull properly to make sure the Pitbull muzzle will fit perfectly and Pitbull will not remove it? 

While it might seem like a complicated task, be patient and spend a few minutes measuring your Pitbull properly and as precisely as possible. I prepared a very easy diagram with instructions to help you measure your dog for a correct fitting Pitbull muzzle. In some cases you will need 2 pairs of hands to accomplish this task. In 99% of cases when a Pitbull is properly measured, the muzzle will fit very well. We have a fairly flexible exchange policy but it is best to get good fitting Pitbull muzzle on the first try.
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Snout Circumference

Measure Your Dog Properly

?: If a Pitbull muzzle adjustable so I can purchase it for a puppy?

It depends on the model of the Pitbull muzzle. Wire Pitbull muzzles are made with a fixed shape cage part and come with adjustable straps. Some of the leather Pitbull muzzles are made with fixed snout basket part and some allow you to adjust the part which covers your Pitbulls snout. Of course it is nice when you can purchase one product which will adjust as your Pitbull grows but unfortunately if you want your Pitbull to enjoy a proper fitting muzzle you will probably end up a few until the time that your puppy is a fully grown Pitbull. Please consider l the suffering of your Pitbull and the outrageous Vet bills in case you try to save on muzzle and your Pitbull picks up an unwanted object from the ground during a casual walk int the park..
Budget Pitbull muzzle - purchase Pitbull muzzle for less

?: Can my Pitbull swim with the muzzle on?

Swimming involves a lot of breathing which demands complete air flow and the ability for the muzzle to withstand corrosion after water contact. If you decide to purchase a muzzle and allow your Pitbull to swim, please remember it is your responsibility to observe your Pitbull constantly and be close by during this activity.

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Pitbull Muzzle

Don't Leave Your Dog Unattended while Swimming

Some Reviews about Pitbull Muzzles:


1. Rubber covered wire muzzle for winter M10

"Thank-you very much. The muzzle is a great improvement on the one we had. Much more room & he does not try to get it off. I will probably order a spare soon. I am really grateful to someone who went to such effort to look at the measurements and then try to match up with a muzzle rather than just stuffing one in a box and posting it off.

From: Thamon, UK


2. Leather muzzle with best ventilation M41

Hi! All products arrived!! We have big joy about the muzzles and the other things. Thank you for the fast production and fast shipping. It is not easy to find good quality here in south america, but with your online-shop and worldwide shipping we have this problem no longer. Thanks!

From: Evelin, Paraguay