Is It Helpful to Punish Pitbull for Spontaneous Actions?

Should You Punish Your Pitbull for Spontaneous Actions?

You will certainly fail to cure your Pitbull of a wrong spontaneous action by punishing it in for no other reason than this wrong action will never be repeated - it is a unique one.

If Staffy was punished for asking a beefsteak from a table, there is no warranty that it won`t ask a piece of cake: in this case you deal with two different situations.

If Staffy found a bite of chicken in the street, it finds the same bite most probably newer. That`s why if you punish it for picking up this bite, there is no warranty that it doesn`t picks up something else.

We can`t predict when and what your Pitbull will like, how some or other situation motivates the dog. By the way, the dog can learn to do a wrong action so that you even wouldn`t see it. 

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Therefore it is impossible to understand in what way dog trainers are going to teach Staffy not to pick up from the ground with punishments. If the punishment is light, then motivation can be stronger than fear of punishment. And if to apply the strong punishments, the success is unsured and the punishment itself will turn the dog`s brain or injure it. 

But there is a way out even from such a tricky situation! You can teach your Pitbull not to pick up from the ground and not to hurt it with the helping of such a useful dog accessory as dog muzzle. And if you think that using of dog muzzles can discomfort or even do any harm for your dog - it`s not so. There exist wire dog muzzles, basket dog muzzles, mesh dog muzzles, which allow your Pitbull to breathe freely, bark and even drink or eat some delicacy from your hands, but they don`t allow the dog to pick up / eat from the ground. You`ll cure your Pitbull from this bad habit in safe and easy way!

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