Pitbull Collar as an Important Pitbull Gear

Pit Bull Collar: Types and Application

One should consider very seriously the selection of Pitbull accessories. For example, behaviour of Pitbull depends on convenience of the collar. You will find the variety of offerings in any Pitbull store. Try to take into consideration not only your tastes. Be practical!

The cheapest leather collars are often made carelessly. Rough, poorly manufactured edges can damage Pitbull fur on the neck. The same regards to the heavy metal collars.

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Dog Collar with Handle

Good choice is a three-layer leather collar with safe buckle and welded ring. It is durable and fits well enough for everyday use

If the leash fastening ring is situated in the middle part (the so-called European construction), then choose it, because the buckle will be in this case below, and will help to avoid unnecessary rotation of the collar around Pitbull's neck.

One should also buy large Pitbull collars. They are used only for keeping the large Pitbull on a leash or for very large dogs. Pitbull's skin on the neck can sweat, so it will not fit for everyday use. But our collars made of leather are designed to keep off such problems.

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Padded Dog Collar

Spiked Dog Collar for Daily Walks

Never leave your Pitbull in a studded Pitbull collar or in a spiked collar! During the game such collar will harm other Pitbulls. Considering the same reason one shouldn’t let the Pitbull to play with another Pitbull in such collar or in chain collar.

Choke collar can be used for Pitbull training.