Retractable Leash VS Usual Lead

Choosing a dog lead for your Staffy

Do you think to start keeping Staffy?

What should you choose - a retractable dog leash or an usual lead?

Retractable dog leash or usual lead are the main items of dog equipment. They are usually bought in the first place. A dog of any age, any breed, size and lifestyle can’t do without it. But which is better? - Let's listen to opinions of Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners.

Opinion # 1. For retractable leash

- I use retractable leash. Yes, it has disadvantages, for example, it is much more difficult to control my Staffy activity. Why did I choose the retractable leash? Someone can think that I do not walk the dog, but the dog walks me. But I don’t care to self-affirmation. Stafford likes to smell everything, the purpose of walking for it is to run about, to smell, and finally, to do its business. So retractable leash is the best choice for us.

My first retractable leash was 7 m in length. But over time, 5 m length was enough for me. I usually choose the model with comfort rubbed handle, which does not slip out of my hand. You must adapt to both a lead, and a retractable leash. At first, everything will be uncomfortable, especially if you need quickly to pull up your dog.

Retractable Dog Lead for Staffy
Retractable Leash with Convenient Handle for Staffy

There are two types of retractable leashes: a belt leash and a cord leash. The cord leash has a serious drawback. If the dog ran abruptly and the cord touched your palm or someone's leg, it can cause injury. That’s why you should never catch the cord with your hands. But nevertheless, I always buy only the cord leash. During two years of use I have never hurt myself or my Staffy. And I have never had knots on the cord. I like that there is a half-meter belt leash in the beginning of the cord. It is very handy when you need to take the dog harder. A belt leash is less traumatic, but it gets constantly tangled and becomes dirty very much. In addition, the belt sways in a strong wind.

For two years I had the third retractable leash. The first was successfully devoured by my Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I tied my SBT to a tree with this retractable leash, when I sat in three meters away from it. Staffy couldn’t stand and gnawed through it. I broke the second one against a tree. The third one is still in order, knock on wood! The main thing is do not buy Chinese fakes. Normal retractable leash of a famous brand costs much money, but will serve you and your Staffy for a long time, if someone does not affect its life-time.)))

Opinion # 2. For usual lead

- I choose a lead. Handling a dog on the retractable leash is impossible in principle. Control over Staffy is also too difficult: during the whole walk finger should lie on a stopper to be ready to click, fix, click, release the stopper at any time (while walking Staffy it can be any moment!). The cord leash entangles instantly in trees and bushes. It is uncomfortable to play with dogs on retractable leashes, and on a cord one it is simply dangerous. Generally, when someone walks a dog on a retractable leash in the dark, and only loud clicks and squeal of an unwound invisible cord can be heard, you are expecting all the time that your legs below the knee will be amputated.)))

There are not any of these problems with a lead. Firstly, the optimal length of walking lead (2.5-3 m) is enough to give the dog sufficient freedom of movement, to go aside if necessary. Then you take the lead shortly, and your Staffy is walk nearby (you have to learn this, of course, long free end will disturb for want of habit). Hold it by both hands, so even if the dog suddenly rushes aside and jerks the lead, you will always have time to seize the slipping end with the second hand. It is easy to change the rate of your Staffy movement due to the tension of the lead. Even an inevitable jerk by a sudden stop is mitigated owing to the natural amortization of your hand. With enough experience acceleration, deceleration, taking aside are reaches by the easy movement of your fingers.

Leather Dog Lead for Walking
Handy and Stylish Dog Lead of Leather

Secondly, you can release the lead and throw it to the ground if necessary. It doesn’t hurt your SBT, and you can catch it again easily. And try to unhand the retractable leash! How many puppies were mortally scared with rumbling and kicking the legs thing. Dirty lead is also easier washed than a belt or cord retractable leash (is the cord retractable leash allowed to wash in general?).

Then, when we finally unleash our Staffies, the lead doesn’t disturb us at all. It is light-weighted, you can hang it on your shoulders, tighten on your waist. But you will have to carry the retractable leash in your hand. And, in general, the usual lead is stronger than the retractable leash. If we exclude the snap hook, common weakness both in the lead and in the retractable leash, the lead is unlikely to be broken, but the retractable leash can, and not in one place. There is no reason to compare the cost of these two types of dog equipment. There is like a real ode to the lead... I can’t find any plus at the retractable leash. I do not understand why most dog owners walking their dogs with the retractable leashes.

We tried to tell you about the pros and cons of retractable leashes and leads.

What do you choose?

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