Doggy Language: Head Turn Signals

Dog Language: Head Turns

People learn to identify about 30 calming signs in the dog language communication. It is up to us whether we choose calming signals for understanding with our pet or proceed to shout and get irritated because of misunderstanding. Dogs are very peaceful living beings. Let's learn to be more friendly. Let's review the first one calming sign of dog language.

Have you ever noticed that a dog turns its head when you are trying to make a photo? This way a dog expresses that it feels uncomfortable. This signal is turning of dog's head. This signal exists in two forms. First: a dog quickly turns a head aside and then again looks straight. Second: a dog turns and looks aside for some time. By the way, this sign may be very quick, slightly visible or intense, noticeable action.

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If somebody moves forward to your dog very quickly in front of the dog (instead of coming a little from aside, that is more natural for a dog), for example, another dog, it will probably turn its head aside to calm down the one coming up.

If you bend over your dog, though it will stay still, it will turn its head to show that this action is unpleasant for your dog.

You may try this sign in the order to calm down your dog and make it feel more confident, for example, if your dog will become worried, when you come closer not very calm, or too fast as it may seem to a dog.


At meeting of two dogs they as a rule turn their heads and look aside for some moments. Only after this they greet each other cheerfully. When I come to my dog with a photo camera, it turns its head, but as soon as I lay down the camera it looks straight at me without confusion.

To be continued...