How to Wean Staffy From Picking Up From the Ground (Part 3)

Teach Staffy Not to Take Delicacies From Strangers

For owners of country houses. For those who leashed Staffy to guard the house it`s also important that Staffy didn`t pick up from the ground. It can happen that the one passerby will throw a slice of delicacy through a fence to sweeten your dog life, but the other one will throw a delicacy to poison your pet. Therefore wise Staffy owners are ready to this test.

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Sometimes simulated dog training is very effective that`s why you can ask the familiar passerby to go by the fence and to throw a tasty delicacy. You need to hide round the corner at this moment so that your Amstaff didn`t see you and wait. Your friend throws dog food through the fence and you wait your dog`s action. As soon as Staffy starts eating food, you run out and punish it strictly. Then repeat the procedure.

Repeat Staffy training at different times and with different delicacies so that Staffy understood that all that is throwed through the fence is forbidden to pick up from the ground as punishment will follow.

Another variant, you can throw delicacies in a local place and not allow Staffy to eat them. Then hide again and watch that it didn`t eat food on the ground nearby. For this purpose you can train Staffy to eat from the dog plate only. Only when you throw dog food in the dog plate, Staffy can eat it. In other cases it`s forbidden to pick up from the floor. And it is important to wean yourself from throwing on the ground dog delicacies. It`s an important aspect too.

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