How to Train Amstaff to Run the Dog Commands (Part 3)

Dog Command "Fetch!"

When Amstaff is trained to bring dog fetch toys, the dog trainer should hold it on the short dog lead. Thus it is necessary to put Amstaff at the left foot, take the dog leash in the left hand and dog toy in the right hand, turn to Amstaff half face, say its nickname and show the dog toy.

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Dog command "Fetch" is given after Amstaff would grab the dog toy. Then it is possible to give the command "Heel!", make a jog with the dog and after the command "Give!" take the item and praise Amstaff with the stroking and exclamation "Good!".

In order to make Amstaff puppy to give the dog toy, the dog trainer should take the other dog toy in the hand and give the command "Give" distracting attention of the pet from the toy it brought. When Amstaff puppy will throw the dog toy, praise it again.

In the process of Amstaff training this trick can be complicated. For this purpose the dog trainer should put Amstaff at the left foot and holding it on the short dog lead, say its nickname, show dog fetch toy and then throw it out on 3-4 steps.

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The dog trainer can use the dog fetch toy for training Amstaff to perform the "Fetch" command. Then the dog trainer should give the command "Fetch!", to come up to the dog fetch toy, to rouse Amstaff to take the toy and after the command "Give!" to take it away. After Amstaff performed the dog command it can be praised with the stroking, exclamation "Good!" and delicacy.

Quite often Amstaff owners make glaring mistakes during "Fetch!" command training. Keep in mind that you need to combine this dog command with the command "Give" - they have to follow one after another. Make also sure the puppy did not distract from its performing, having played with the dog fetch toy which it should bring. Show the delicacy to Amstaff before it comes near with the dog fetch toy in its teeth.

When Amstaff reached the age of 3-4-monthes it should get used gradually to perform dog commands on the corresponding hand movement of the dog trainer. At the initial stage of dog training hand movements can be combined with delicacy feeding.

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To be continued...