Dog Weight Pulling

Some Useful Advice About Dog Weight Pulling

You will need a strong dog pulling harness adjusted to the dog sizes for performing this exercise. Attach an extra long dog lead 2,5 – 3 m long to a ring in the front of the dog harness for pulling and the other end of the dog leash attach to the car tire (it`s very convenient to roll a chain round the tire before, then it will be easier to attach the dog leash to the tire and the leash won`t rub during the dog weight pulling).

staffy pulling harness

Dog Weight Pulling with Strong Nylon Harness

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The dog should be with the strong dog collar on and with a short dog lead to set the pace during dog pulling. The dog is put on the dog pull harness and pulls the weight. You can regulate the weight with the size of the tire or with bricks, which you can put inside. If you plan an intensive and short dog training than 1,5 – 2 km distance will be enough, but final 100 – 150 m the dog should work hard. Gain the weight gradually!

Dog Weight Pulling Harness

Nylon Dog Harness for Weight Pulling in Action

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If the dog lies down and doesn`t want to pull because of tiredness in the home straight, you shouldn`t scold and punish the dog as the protective inhibition takes place after the loading and any beating won`t make the dog to go to the finish. Use caress and blandishments only. Take off the pulling harness, but leave the dog collar and leash after breaking the distance. Pass some hundreds meters with your dog slowly so that it could get into its stride and its hind feet stopped staggering and sprawling. Don`t allow the dog to lie down.

Don`t allow the dog to put into water by no means in half an hour because it can feel a convulsive attack! Dog weight pulling is a very effective dog training, it gains all the muscles, make the dog stronger, compact, perfectly gains the shoulder, but you shouldn`t overdo such dog training! It`s recommended to perform the dog weight pulling once in 5-7 days varying the loading with the distance and the weight of the tire.

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Choose also strong dog collar and dog leash for dog pulling.