Dog Holidays

TOP-10 Dog Friendly Holidays

What dog doesn’t love to take part in the holiday celebrations? A great number of the dog owners can bet that all of them love it. But could you imagine that there are at least 10 special periods assigned to celebrate a lot of contributions of the four-legged friends’ world. Look over our list of the 10 most enthralling canine holidays.

1. Guide Dog Day (29.01)

Devoted, staunch and noble service dogs receive their own day at the beginning of the year. This holiday is a tiny part of what they should be given in exchange for their service in opening the world for their humans.



Guide Dog Day, Border Colly in the Guide Harness


2. Sled Dog Day (2.02)

This day was established in honour to the Alaskan operation on delivering medicine occurred in 1925. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race was inspired by that mission. If the world was fair, these heroic dogs would wag their tails joyful as they were pulled along for a day.

3. International Dog Biscuit Day (23.02)

Dog Feeder Toy for Dog Treats for Grown-Up Staffordshire Terrier It’s weird that just one international holiday among our picks is dedicated to dog treats. We guess that if you put a question them, what they would prefer, the four-legged friends must answer an International Steak Day or something.

4. Month of the Dog Training Education (February)

Schutzhund Blind for Professional Dog Sports & Training Dog owners are emboldened to work each day on training issues in the second month of the year. During this period existing commands are improving or some new ones are developing with the only purpose - to raise gentler and tamer pups.

5. What If Pets Had Thumbs Day (3.03)

It is the craziest canine-related holiday. But, only fancy, what kind of domestic work our dogs could assist us in if they had the opposable thumbs. Fancy that!

6. National Week of Dog Bite Prevention (15-21.03)

This week, on the turning point of spring, helps to teach about the often-painful caution signal that a dog is furious or in some form of distress. Disregard and carelessness can strengthen the problem.

7. Prevent Lyme in Dogs Month (April)

A yearly vaccination should help save your dog from catching the potentially lethal tick-spread Lyme disease. April is traditionally intended for bringing the word out concerning this elementary preventive measure.

8. Ugliest Dog Day (22.06)

Here’s a celebration of all the fanciful peculiarities and imperfections that make a dog a real individual. Mutts who have faces that no one but their mothers could love should be created to feel incredibly beautiful on this dog holiday.

9. American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Day (22.09)

Responsible dog owning should be rewarded every day. But owing to the AKC we have an official occasion to honour all of the great lovers of dogs for their care and tenderness they give their four-legged friends.

10. National Mutt Day (2.12)

This day in December brings a little favour to Goldendoodles and their crossed with love ilk. Here’s a special holiday to give those dogs that can’t boast a pure breed some more love.


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