Dash'n'splash is the name of the newest dog sport which has become extremely popular. If your dog likes water, this is an option for you. The thing about this sport is that your dog has to jump into the water as far as it can. It's simple: the winner is the one who managed to jump the farthest!


The history of dash’n’splash began already in the 19th century. The fisherman awaiting theirs ships through sticks to their dogs and competed with each other, whose dog jumped farther. But this part-time went official only in 1997 in the USA. Now there are several large dash’n’splash schools in America. Both training sessions and competitions attract lots of spectators, because this sport has no less spectacular than agility and flyball. In the UK, dash’n’splash was recognized only in 2008, though the first school was established in 2005. This sport wasn't recognized in other countries except for the US and the UK, in some countries it isn't even practised.

In Britain, they conduct 4-5 water jumping events and official training sessions take place two days before the competitions. It is not enough, of course. But there are some difficulties connected with the great amount of water used for this kind of sport and a considerable square to install the necessary equipment. That's why most of the athletes train on their own in available pieces of water.


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The dash’n’splash competitions are usually conducted as a part of big dog shows which attract many participants and spectators. The exciting and dynamic finals gather several hundred spectators. They cheer for the dogs, choose their darlings, define the favourites and look forward for the results. The splashes shower makes this event even more fun.

Besides the main pool, the organizers install another 3 -4 smaller pools where everyone can try his or her dog's talent at dash’n’splash. Another sub-direction of this sport is competition at fetching a ball in the pool and bringing it back. The dogs who don't experience any difficulties, come to the big pool.

You will be surprised how soon you're giong to love this sport. Once you try, you can never stop. The owner of the repeat winner in Great Britain, a Labrador and Pointer cross-breed named Dash says, she found out about this sport three years ago but was late for the training. So she just tried throwing a ball to her dog into the pool. The organisers were excited by the results and Dash and his owner never missed a single training and any single competition since then!

At competitions they use special pools with an in-run ground. It must be approximately 11-12 meters long and app. 2 meters wide and rise above the water for 60 cm. As coverage, they usually use non-slip materials, to ensure the dogs' security while running-in.

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