Practical Basket Bull Terrier Muzzle

Hello. I received my muzzle about a week ago and simply didn't have time to write a real review, as I never did this before, but I will do my best.
I am very satisfied with service and the product that I got from your team.
My Staffy is just a puppy (18 months) and she can be a bit noisy and dominant with other dogs. I take pains to control her and she changes every day.
But I decided that it wouldn't go amiss to buy a muzzle for her. In such a way I will know that if she protects herself, she won't burst at the first opportunity and won't bite other dogs.
I accustom her to a muzzle up to the present in such a way to not frighten her as it was the previous fabric muzzle. She always tried to take it off. It changed its shape totally. When she feels 100% comfortable with it on I will send you a photo of the content dog and her new "toy". Thank you a lot for the muzzle and good service. Everything was in time. I hope to attract more customers to you during next years. Keep it up. And again, thank you.

Lewis, United Kingdom, 08/04/2016
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