Amstaff Training - The Main Principles (Part 1)

Amstaff Training - Where to Start?

American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the best dog-defenders. Amstaff is scented with instinct for dangerous situations and an instinct of protection. Amstaff possesses an ability of training. You can train an excellent patrol dog and a guard dog.

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Above training the basic dog commands, it is important to train Amstaff to adapt to the environment and to respond to it abequately. It`s not allowed to keep Amstaff in open-air cage, he needs to live in the apartment or in the house. You should get a dog bed for Amstaff to have a rest. The dog bed should be washed from time to time.

Rest area for your Amstaff should be warm and dry. Amstaff would like to lie on a sofa with you. You can allow your dog to do this, but Amstaff should realize from the very beginning, that such rest is possible to it if you desire it. You have to insist your priority over Amstaff at once. Amstaff should keep firmly in mind when being a puppy that the most inviting places for rest belongs to you you as to the pack leader.

When you got Amstaff you should instill cleanliness in the dog. For this purpose you should take out your Amstaff to the place where it can do the deeds from 6 o`clock in the morning till midnight every two hours and also after every dog feeding and sleep. Always praise your Amstaff puppy generously when it did the deeds. If Amstaff will do the deeds in the unlaid place, don`t scold it. Amstaff not always can control the intestines and a bladder at young age. Gradually increase time length between going to a backhouse.

From six month age Amstaff will stand calmly for five hours during the day and for eight hours at night. Go for a long walks with adult and elderly Amstaff. It will give more opportunities for the dog to void the bladder, that will prevent problems with kidneys.

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