7 Interesting Facts about Dogs

How Strong is the Sense of Smell by Dogs?

How is the Food Delicious for Them? What Colors of the World are Seen by Dogs?

The Smell.

We all know that dogs have their well-developed sense of smell. But did you know that there are a thousand times stronger senses than our actual, 10000-100000 (depending on the characteristics of each breed and the dog)?

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Myth: The Dogs See the World in Black and White

Recent studies have disproved this widespread myth. In fact, the dog's eyes can detect fewer colors compared to the human eye much. But with a high probability it can be argued that the vision of our four-legged friends is not just black and white. The thing is that one has in the dog two kinds of photoreceptors found, while there are three in humans. Therefore, the dog looks supposedly great yellow, blue and gray colors.

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The Dog May Feel an Illness.

A dog can be trained to "sniff out" the diseases such as cancer, diabetes and epilepsy. As if we need more reasons to love them!

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Why Does the Dog Dig the Ground?

After the "relief" the dogs throw the grass and the clods with back legs instinctively. And they spread the smell wide to communicate with other dogs that go to the same place.

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Where Do the Dogs Sleep?

Did you know that according to the survey of dog owners about 50% of dogs sleep in the master's bed? What about your dog?

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Dogs Sweat.

We know that the dog thanks to the fur does not sweat. But he sweats through ... leather pads on it's feet!

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A Strong Sense of Smell, Bad Taste.

Despite the strong smell all dogs have 1700 taste receptors on the tongue to distinguish the taste, while a person has 9000 such receptors.

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