Pitbull Leather Muzzle Maintenance

The Maintenance of a Leather Muzzle for Pitbull

The Leather Dog Muzzle for your Pitbull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Amstaff needs proper care. We strongly advice to clean your leather muzzle from dirt, dust, saliva, grass, seed, etc. after each walk.  A dirty leather dog muzzle for Pit Bull is a source of infection!

After the pitbull leather muzzle was cleaned with a brush or washed in running water, one should dry it with the rags.

It is not recommended to dry the leather pitbull muzzle next to the open fire, on the batteries or heating devices. Intense heat influence can affect the leather, from which the muzzle was produced.

Pitbull Muzzle Storing

Keep the muzzle in a warm dry place, having  put it first  in a special sack or bag that is created from natural materials (cotton, linen).

We hope that your following our advice will help to prolong considerably the life of the Pitbull muzzle that you have bought.


It is not advisable in general:

 -to use food vegetable oil for impregnation;

 - to use automotive oils and lubricants;

- to sink the whole muzzle for the impregnation;

- to change the muzzle design and  construction on your own.