Metal Dog Collars

Dog Chain Collars and Prong Collars for Dog Training by Herm Sprenger and ForDogTrainers

 Dog Collar Herm Sprenger Neck Tech FunNon Allergenic Dog CollarDog Pinch Collar Stainless Steel

Neck Tech Fun Collar     Non Allergenic Dog Collar     Steel Dog Collar

            £43.00                               £53.60                              £41.50

Dog Show Collar, ChromeBrass Dog Show CollarThin Chain Dog Collar

Dog Show Collar Chrome  Brass Dog Show Collar 1 mm Dog Show Collar

             £14.90                                  £41.90                               £9.90


Brass Fur SaverSteel Fur SaverHypoallergenic Dog Fur Saver

Curogan Fur Saver            Inox Fur Saver         Hypoallergenic Fur Saver

          £25.50                               £24.50                                £31.00


Black Steel Fur Saver Herm SprengerUniversal Dog Collar HSBlack Steel Pinch Collars

Long Links Fur Saver  Black Steel Dog Collar   Dog Training Pinch Collar

            £10.00                              £19.90                                £32.00

Dog Collar with ToggleChrome Fur Saver Herm SprengerPersonalized Dog Collar with ID Plate

Fur Saver with Toggle         Chrome Fur Saver            ID Dog Collar

            £9.90                                     £7.00                              £11.90

Dog Chain Collar with ToggleLarge Dog Chain Collar 4 mmCurogan Dog Pinch Collar

Chrome Dog Collar   Large Dog Chain Collar    Dog Pinch Collar HS

            £17.90                             £15.90                              £28.90

Prong Dog Collar+LeatherProng Dog Collar SteelProng Dog Collar+Nylon

Prong Collar + Leather  Steel Pinch Dog Collar  Prong Collar with Nylon

            £28.50                               £20.50                               £24.00

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